Back to work


Agency Scanpartner had already made a nice animated storyboard for this film when Helmet was brought in. This was a welcomed change because it meant we could immediately start focusing on the execution.

The idea was to show how NTE empowers their region with clean power and fibre internet, by having lightbeams traveling across landscapes. We wanted these light beams to affect the world as much as possible, so we decided to do the effects for real.

We bought the most powerful yet portable light we could get our hands on, and at first built a rig to hang them from a helicopter. We started our 4-day shoot with this setup, and the results were good, but the approach didn’t give us the freedom or speed we wanted. On the way to our next location, we quickly developed a new technique using multiple takes and long exposures, while moving the lights by hand, boat and car. We did some testing in after effects and decided this was the way to go.

The rest of the shoot went as planned, with two near-death experiences and an impromptu helicopter ride that ended up stranding us on a deserted island.