About title Storytellers & imagemakers

Helmet is a leading film production company and VFX studio based in Trondheim, Norway. We specialize in creating spectacular images for advertisement, feature films, award winning music videos and television. Our services include full service production, photography, animation, VFX, camera, light and grip rental.

Our experience from full fledged film making and a network of professionals means we can realize your most ambitious ideas. On smaller projects, our multi-disciplinary approach lets us create stuff beyond normal budget boundaries.

From our office and studio in Trondheim, we make our stuff, and we help you make your stuff. While we're used to take charge of a production from start to finish, we also LOVE working with other production companies, agencies, in-house marketing teams, artists and freelancers.

What we offer:

Film production

A complete inhouse film crew. We write and storyboard, we build sets and design props, we light, shoot and direct, we edit and add visual effects. We’ve got years of experience making everything from music videos and short films - to corporate videos, commercials, vignettes and even whole tv-shows.

Working together as a multi-disciplinary inhouse crew, we’ve become a tightly woven team able to execute ideas quickly and overcome economical and technical limitations.

Visual effects

Lost worlds, dystopian cities, aliens and monsters. This is what got us into filmmaking in the first place. We’ve loved the craft of visual effects as long as we can remember, and it’s always been a natural part of Helmet.

Whether it’s just a matter of adding subtle details that take a shot to the next level or shooting the whole thing greenscreen and building the world in post — we've got you covered.


Our constantly growing list of high end film gear includes Arri Alexa Mini LF with Signature Prime lenses, two RED cameras, O’Connor tripod, Easyrig, GFM Dolly with tracks and Jib, and lots more. We also have a long list of high end lighting including Arri HMI ranging from 1200W to 4kW, Arri Fresnels ranging from 300W to 12kW, Arri Skypanels, Chimera Lanterns and Kinoflos just to name a few.